The recording and performing activities of Tom Dorsel are briefly described below.
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            Tom Dorsel recently released his original work, Buy a Brew for Jesus, which can be downloaded from CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon, etc.  It is a fun and joyful song suggesting what it might be like to, indeed, head down to the pub and enjoy a beer with Jesus.  Click on the link above to hear a sample and consider downloading the complete song.


Click video to see recent St. Patrick’s Day performance on Hilton Head Island._ Tom can be seen and heard singing, with his son Chris and friend Eddy Harding playing back-up._ Both Chris and Eddy are also accomplished artists and entertainers.

            Tom produced a demo CD entitled " Early Years."  It is a 17 track disc comprised of folk songs of the '60s, some Irish ditties, and a few other tunes which simply fit Tom's style.  This recording is a mix of nostalgia and relaxation that is sure to please particularly the baby-boomer crowd._ 

For sample audio songs, click, Bridget Flynn, Today, Finnegan’s Wake, Tom Dooley, Perhaps Love.

            Tom was a reluctant early performer, singing on stage as a fourth grader when he attracted the attention of the principal and the choir master who "strongly encouraged" him to sing to the whole school on special occasions.  These uncomfortable beginnings provided experience which later led him to look for opportunities to "sing with the band" during the high school years.  In addition to working with a number of combos, he put in performances at places like the Netherland Hilton,
Moonlight Gardens, and the Lookout House in the Cincinnati area, and sang with the likes of the Billy May, Stan Kenton and Guy Lombardo Orchestras when they were in town.
            Stage performing gave way to coffee house and college pub appearances during the college years.  And songs of the big band era were replaced with the folk songs of the '60s. 
Cincinnati was again the scene with regular engagements at The Golden Door and Zino's.  The '60s, in turn, gave way to a transition to Irish Music which has held to this day with special engagements occurring regularly on St. Patrick's Day.
            Tom has also performed in musical roles in three stage productions:  The Madwoman of Chaillot, The Rising of the Moon, and Here's Love.  And recently he returned to the stage with the Florence Area Big Band. But his primary talent revolves around his folk guitar and Irish voice and repertoire, and the American folk songs of the 60’s.


            For matters of music, Tom is available for parties on St. Patrick's Day or for Irish performances any time of year.  He is also available for background and sing-along entertainment with the folk songs of the 60’s at private parties and public establishments throughout the year.

            To schedule an appearance, call Tom at his business number, 843-618-4653, or email

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